My mission is to help people heal and feel self-empowered.  You can awaken to your innermost potential through the use of Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, Ancient Yogic techniques & Metaphysics.

Free 15 minute Q & A

(Over the phone)

This is where you begin your work with me.  We’ll go over any questions, concerns or goals you have that bring you to Ayurveda. This 15 minute consultation will give you a better idea of how Ayurveda can enhance your life and also allow us to see if we are a good fit moving forward.  Call me now for your free consult.

Ayurvedic Consultation

Price $250

We’ll start your consult by discussing your health concerns and goals. I will then ask in detail about your daily living habits, diet, stress, sleep patterns, health history and emotional state.


From here I will present you with custom recommendations, specifically catered to your unique needs and what is appropriate to bring your mind & body into balance Ayurvedically. Your custom reccomendations will also be sent in PDF form via email.


You’ll receive an individualized food list that I will personally make for you and other examples of what is included are…


• Custom food list and meal ideas/recipes for your body type and current imbalances
• Individualized hand-crafted herbal formulas for your unique concerns
• Lifestyle recommendations for enhanced well-being
• Ancient breathwork for enhanced vitality
• Stress relieving methods
• Meditation techniques
• Customized herbal oils for muscle tension, pain, skin conditions, etc.
• Creating a daily routine
• And more…


*A session typically lasts 75 minutes

(Please note Herbs and products are an additional price)

Vedic Astrology

Price $250

Vedic Astrology (Jyotisha) is a beautiful way to gain insight into your life, develop self awareness and find answers to many questions.  Since ancient times it has been practiced alongside Ayurvedic Medicine.


To start I’ll have you send in your birth data and I will meditate on your astrology chart before our meeting. When we meet we’ll go over your chart with an emphasis on self-empowerment & free will.


We’ll look at your inherent gifts, how to enhance them, as well as your soul’s purpose in life.


We will also discuss areas in your life which need support and I will provide techniques to help where appropriate for you. We’ll go over any questions you have, as well as your planetary time periods and upcoming transits. This will help guide and prepare you for any new and upcoming developments in your life.  Ultimately my goal is that after our meeting you’ll leave feeling uplifted and have a sense of clarity of yourself and your life’s past, present and future.


*This session is 75 minutes

Inner Alchemy Program

(Option 1) Price  $625 per month-2 sessions per month


(Option 2) $850 per month-3 sessions per month


Do you want more out of life?


If you are looking for deep physical, emotional and spiritual healing come visit me.  I will help you empower & awaken to your true self.


First we start by creating a physical base through Ayurveda, as well as go over your concerns & goals, while coupling this with your astrological chart to create a custom program to help you evolve, heal & awaken to your true self. You can live a happy and abundant life by focusing positive energy on your mind, body and spirit.


Each session we dive deep into metaphysical work, systematically working on each chakra one by one, while coupling this with ancient yogic techniques & metaphysics. I will also be working with you Ayurvedically, so that you are supported in living an Ayurvedic lifestyle and have plenty of meal ideas, recipes and all around support for you to be balanced, healthy, happy and well.  During this time you can text message between appointments for questions you may have and have one emergency phone call per month.


This program is highly custom to meet your individual needs and goals & is for those looking for major transformation & appropriate for those truly committed and ready for deep inner change.


*A minimum 3 month commitment.


*Each session is 1 hour 45 minutes long.

“Within days of following Ashley’s protocols I could see improvement in my skin and this progress has continued for several months. Ashley’s knowledge of astrology has been another essential element to my healing. She applies her comprehensive skill set according to what my body and mind need.  Today my skin is clear and my body feels amazing. I continue to work with her in my spiritual journey and maintain my body’s progress.”


-Hanna Brethower

Please note Consultations do not include the cost of Herbs or products