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About Ashley Rarick

(Ayurvedic Healer/Practitioner, Ayurvedic chef, Astrologer & Yoga Teacher)

Initially what led me to the path of Ayurveda and helping others heal naturally was initiated by my own health concerns and ultimately this led me to a continual search to evolve myself consciously.


Born and raised in Sonoma County, California, after years of mistreating my body, by the time I was 26 years old I found myself unable to get out of bed for weeks at a time, due to constant stomach pain and body weakness, amongst other things. My health was failing and quality of life had quickly diminished. After a long drawn out search, multiple specialists later, pharmaceuticals and all sorts of testing, ultimately I was told I would be in chronic pain and the acidity in my body would lead to cancer, if I didn’t change my lifestyle.


Having lived on a diet of processed and fast foods, I had absolutely no idea where to start, until I was recommended a book that changed my life and led me to understand the qualities of organic foods and the importance of natural foods, rather then processed.  I had soon discovered a love for cooking and through the use of foods I began to heal.  Soon those around me began to notice my health improve and started asking if I would cook meals for them as well, for their own health concerns. This led to my first business Vivace Gourmet Meals, a meal delivery business in Sonoma County, California, where I would cook for clients specific dietary needs, whether it be for blood pressure, weight loss, cancer, candida, etc.


Although I was healthier than before, I wasn’t truly happy and had constant malaise.  Upon my Dr.’s referral I gave Ayurveda a try, as she was sure it would help. Within a week of living an Ayurvedic lifestyle, my fatigue that had been ongoing for years was gone, my skin looked completely different and I was happier then I had been in years. This opened up a completely different way of life for me.


From here I spent the next years completely immersed in Ayurveda, learning Vedic Astrology to understand myself better and practicing ancient yogic techniques, which led to an all around transformation of myself.  What started as an attempt to heal myself physically & emotionally, led to an inner quest to understand the universe around us and raise my level of consciousness. This time in my life completely transformed me and created an inner stability that I can’t quite put into words.


I felt called to bring this healing to others, so I entered a 9 month Raja yoga teacher training, where I learned of the inner workings of yoga and spent the next year in personal mentorship with my teacher Clare Venet, in the Hatha tradition. Thereafter, I moved to New Mexico for nearly two years, where I studied at the Ayurvedic Institute, with Ayurvedic physician Dr. Lad and attended the Arogya Center’s advanced internship and training.  During my internship I learned Classical Ayurveda, true to the ancient text, which ultimately inspired me to bring Ayurveda to those in the most authentic way I can.


I continuously seek to improve my skills, through continuous studies in Ayurveda and astrology, by taking continuous advanced courses with Ayurvedic Physicians at The Chakrapani clinic and research center of India.  I also continue my studies in jyotish astrology and medical astrology with astrologer Bette Timm.  With a deep interest in the proper use of Ayurvedic herbal/mineral formulations, I regularly keep in contact with my mentor, whom has dedicated his life’s work to the study of Ayurveda and distribution of Ayurvedic herbs and minerals, which helps me in my continuous growth in research and providing precise formulations for each clients specific concerns. I feel very blessed to have guidance, from such great experts of our time.


My greatest hope and intention is to help people heal, evolve and ultimately thrive in life, through the use of authentic Ayurvedic and yogic techniques for healing and longevity.